Tom Craggs /

I passionately believe in learning and that my role as a coach, whether stood by a track, writing a training plan or an article, or presenting to a group is to create a motivational, supportive environment for learning to take place. I wasn't an athlete as a young person and whilst I have competed for clubs at events from 1500m up to the marathon my entry into performance coaching wasn’t through being an elite athlete.


I believe in taking a scientifically grounded and evidenced approach to all I do but driven by a passion for people, and understanding the realities of sport balanced with work and family life as well as social and emotional wellbeing. I work in partnership with some of the UKs leading physiologists, physiotherapists and nutritionists and I love working with people as hungry to learn as I am.


My journey started running a marathon for charity, progressing through passion, a rigorous commitment to learning more, self reflection and continuous improvement to now working as an England national team coach and leader. I believe we are all capable of amazing things if we enjoy what we do, find our intrinsic drive and are willing put in a bit of work.


I have an MSc in Performance Coaching with distinction from Stirling University (UKCC Level 4). I’m a Level 3 Advanced Personal Trainer specialising in sports conditioning and I have worked with some of the UK's leading brands and charities including Adidas, Polar, Oofos, Medichecks, Cancer Research UK, JustGiving and St John Ambulance amongst many others. I am England Regional Coaching Lead for the South, England Event Group Lead for Long Distance Running and a coach on British Athletics’ AASE Programme. I have taken England teams to compete around the UK and Europe and I am also Runners World UK Head coach - you can read my coaching column in the magazine each month. 

I own and manage one of the UK's leading online running magazines - where you can also access information in my coaching through the Fast Running Performance Project.